National Examining

Board of Ocularists

The Application for Outside Credits and the fee is under Board review. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Why is it taking so long to receive exam results????

A: In years past exam results have taken up to 5 months to receive however this year there have been a few set backs in the timeline. Castle, Inc. the testing agency we use to both proctor our written exam and do the result analysis requires all results from the Fabrication exam be sent as a group. This year there was a fabrication Exam that was damaged in the mail. This was a first time anything like this had occurred, therefore the board needed to address it and implement a policy should something like this happen in the future. 

The Examinee was notified and the make up scheduled. Due to a prior commitment the schedule was pushed back even further. At this point the make up has been completed and 2 of 3 proctors have graded the exam. Once completed all results will be sent to Castle, Inc. They have assured us that the results will be turned around for final april within 1-2 business days and the NEBO Board will return the approval within the day of receiving them. Exam results will then be mailed directly from Castle, Inc. 

Becoming a Board Certified Ocularist is a exciting and rewarding process and we appreciate your patience on this matter.